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Squib is a platform that gives users a bike and provides companies with innovative advertising methods based around it's community of riders

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You recieve a free high quality, designer bike when you join the Squib community. We've made sure you have everything you need, flat tire and repair service, a lock, LED lights & much more…

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Download the app now and have a look at your dashboard. Here you can see how much money you've earnt, distance cycled and more.


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Support the campaign that you want by picking from our list of campaigns.
Once you've selected one, we send you a package with everything you need to start earning money.

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Ride your bike like normal, to work, to the park or wherever.

We will give you tips on the best streets for riding and parking to increase the money you can make.

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make money

You can earn up to €100 a month from just riding your bike. The more time spent on busier streets, the more money you can make. Also, watch out for bonus events during the campaign to make some extra money.

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